Logitech G Pro Mouse Includes Input from Pro Overwatch League Published: 2019-02-28 With new developments in eSports and acceptance among mainstream sports systems, many hardware companies are shifting towards more effective gaming accessories, and Logitech is not far behind with its latest G Pro Gaming mouse, which included some expert opinions.

More than 50 professional Overwatch gamers were consulted during the 2-year development phase of this mouse to consult on the shape, feel and weight. With 1MS lightspeed reaction time, and customizations for a range of buttons and ambidextrousness, it's surprising to see this mouse only weighs 80 g, less than a pack of playing cards.

Logitech has made a remarkable transition during the last 5 years. When Bracken Darrell, the Chief Executive Officer of the company first started, only 4 employees were working in the gaming division. The company at the time had decided to diversify and 125 people were cut from that division.

The company decided to make its way back to the point where it would have market dominance in the gaming industry and this early new hardware is just a part of the overall equation. The gaming division has been rebuilt in preparation for the rising trend of eSports and streaming - the company also purchased Astro Gaming in 2017 for $85 million.

With Logitech's gaming line revamped, consumers will notice that be product boxes have been made sleeker, the technology is faster and keyboard keys contain new switches. As of now, Logitech will be an interesting company to watch for affordable gaming accessories, as sales for the company have risen to $492 million in the 2018 fiscal year and there are now over 200 employees working in the gaming division.

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