Can gaming be my profession? Can gaming be my profession? Published: 2019-05-01 During the last 5 years, the world has seen a shift towards e-sports entertainment and today you see players from all around the world earning massively out of gaming. Players compete in Xbox tournaments online for all skill levels, while PS4 tournaments make for another amazing gaming competition to compete against your mates and foes. Then there are PC game tournaments as well to look out for. These tournaments have become favorite of millions of gamers because of the cash prizes they offer for winners. Many times, the prize pool on offer is so huge that players can even consider retiring if they win. Have fun while making money With the rising popularity of online multiplayer gaming, people across the world have been ambitious enough to see gaming as a profession. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone to see many developers and organizations are now initiating gaming tournaments for money. The easy access to video gaming platforms, the skill display of gamers and the burgeoning demand of gaming industries has also lead to playing video games for money has become a lucrative business for many gamers who possess the right skill for gaming and are really good at it. A career in gaming sounds like an exciting thing, but it is an extremely competitive field. It requires an understanding of the combination of technology, fun and creativity. It is a striking opportunity for all the creative minds and for all those who relish indulging in competitive gaming. However, as the gaming industry has matured, so have the gamers. The culture of gaming is not just a means of entertainment for gamers. Its proponents now classify it as a sport. Taking part in e-sports competition requires the gamers to have fast reaction times, good reflexes, decision-making skills and excellent hand-eye coordination. The good news is you don’t have to have a formal or professional education to be a gamer. Practice Makes Perfect A great way to learn is to watch replays of esports matches online continually to learn the strategies and techniques. A player of UFC tournaments must observe carefully to understand the tactics of the martial arts. Similarly, a basketball enthusiast can bump up his/her skills and practice by playing NBA 2K tournaments. But is it true that a gamer can make a living out of gaming?

Can gaming be my profession? The answer to this highly sought-after question is yes! According to a source: E-sports' enthusiasts can win big as the statistics show the average salary of an e-sports player is $60,000. Though the pay range varies for different types of players depending on their skills, agility, type of game they opt to play and viewership trends. While the gaming industry is expanding at an exponential rate, beginners of this industry can also give a kick start to their career by making as much as $50,000 a year from Overwatch tournaments. Find Your Way Once a gamer finds a gaming franchise that suits his skill and aptitude, earning through gaming can be a possibility. Let’s talk about games like FIFA 19 tournament and Madden Tournaments; where the gamer needs to rack their game up consistently to prove himself. Ever dreamt of flying a rocket? Live your dream by doing it virtually in Rocket League tournaments and competing against the best and most skilled pilots. When it comes to battling games, it always piques the interest of professional gamers since battling and winning is always satisfying. Apex Legends tournaments, Call of Duty tournaments, and League of Legends tournaments attract many pro-gamers and have particularly soared in viewership. As for Fortnite tournaments, they have become a global success for players of all ages and genders. Make it happen Now, if your inner amateur gamer is excited to come out to embrace gaming as a profession, you can join our e-sports community to compete against gaming enthusiasts from all over the world, and start building your skills from the convenience of your home.