Frequently Asked Questions

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Is KombatLink legal? Yes. KombatLink is legal. We only facilitate skill based games for competitions, where the winner of a tournament is determined by the player’s ability (reaction, strategy, and reflex) to beat their opponents.
Who is eligible to play? We welcome players of all skill levels who are at least 13 years of age to create an account and use KombatLink’s service to play in any of our free-to-enter challenges. To play in head-to-head or clan vs clan paid entry challenges and pay-to-enter (fee based) tournaments, you must be at least 18 years old or the age of majority and access from Countries, States and Provinces where fee entry skilled gaming for prizes is permitted. Certain restrictions apply. Please read our Terms Of Service Policy for more information.
Does it cost anything to be a member? No, it is absolutely free to join KombatLink.
Why do I need to sign up with my legal information? To ensure that the funds will be deposited into the players account successfully, your player account’s legal information will be used to match the credit card information you provide. Request for withdraws by cheque will be mailed to the legal address that is registered to your account.
Which email should I use when registering? You can use any valid email address, but we suggest using the email you use most often. All important notifications will be sent to the email that is registered to you player account. This includes notifications of deposits, withdraws, challenge requests, marketplace information and other important notices.
What do I need to start Playing? Getting started is easy! All you will need to play is your own console. This could be a PlayStation™4, Xbox One™, Wii U™, PC or mobile devices.
How does the game play work? Kombatlink connects you with other gaming enthusiast by facilitating challenges and tournaments created by the you, at your convenience and comfort of your homes, using your favourite gaming consoles with games you already own by the custom rules you set. Players are required to report their game results after their match is over to claim their prizes.
How much does KombatLink charge for its service? KombatLink charges 10%-15% to facilitate tournament and challenges. This will help towards maintaining staff that will monitor fair play to keep the community a friendly and safe, and provide ongoing improvements to our website.
Which games can I use in competition? Check out our Games page for a full list of games. We frequently update this list based on popularity and user demand.
Can I have more than one account? No. Players are permitted to have one account only. If you are found to have multiple accounts, you will be in violation of our Terms Of Service, which will result in the termination of all accounts associated to you.
How do I increase my entry fee limit? The more challenges and tournaments you play, the more experience points you will earn to unlock higher entry fee limit. Check out the different tiers of entry fee limits located in “My Account” page.
How to form your clan? To create a clan, go into your account profile to invite other members of the KombatLink community to join your clan. You can also accept invites from other members. Founders of any clan become the “clan leader” of that group.
Where do I go to find my upcoming challenges and tournaments? Please check “My Battle” page for all your upcoming challenge and tournaments that you have signed up for.
How do I get in contact with my opponent? Inside your “My Battles” page click on “Play Schedule” look for you username and next to it will be your opponent, click on his avatar and you will be able to message him.
Can minors compete in pay-to-enter tournaments? If you are under the age of majority, your Parent or Legal Guardian can choose to register an account for you. If you already have an account, your parent/guardian can unlock the credit card processing by completing the verification process on your player account. By doing so, they are providing consent to allow you to participate in pay-to-enter events under their supervision.
Bonus Credits
How do I access my deposit bonus? Deposit bonuses are given when a special promotional code has been entered upon making a deposit into your players account. Deposit bonuses are retained on your account and will be converted into game credits only when you win a challenge/tournament. The amount of bonus credits converted will be matched 1:1 to the entry fee (e.g. 5 bonus credits will be converted to game credits when you win a tournament that cost you 5 credits to enter), until your entire deposit bonus amount has been converted to game credits. Deposit bonuses are non-transferable and does not expire.
Auto Match
How does Auto Match work? Our auto match feature connects you with other players in our Kombatlink database.When a player creates an Open Challenge (Solo or Clan), our system will scan through our database to search for opponents and connect players based on experience level and challenge description.
How do I accept an Auto Match challenge? An email or a system notification will be sent out to those players who were selected as the best match for the Open Challenge. Simply just click on the email link or the system notification and press on the “Accept” button.
Loyalty Rewards
How do I earn loyalty points? Loyalty points are earned from competing in paid entry challenges and tournaments.-
What can I do with my loyalty points? Loyalty points can be redeemed in the store for gaming merchandise or used as the entry fee for premium tournaments with cash prizes.
I don't have enough loyalty points to redeem a prize, or enter a tournament that I want. How can I get more? In addition to earning points from pay-to-enter tournaments and challenges, you can also purchase additional loyalty points to top up your balance. Simply go to “Transactions”, select “Loyalty Points” and choose the amount you want to top up.
What kind of gameplay is offered at KombatLink allows members to play both free and paid entry options for head-to-head or clan vs. clan challenges and tournaments for cash prizes.
How do I create an Open Challenge? Go into your account profile under the “Create Challenge” tab, select “individual challenge” for head-to-head, or “clan challenge” to compete against teams. Select “Open Challenges”, and the game and platform that you want to play. Input the amount for the entry fee up to your allowable limit (see FAQ on how to increase limit). Select date and time for your challenge and input the description and rules of the game for your opponent to agree to. Finally, click on the “Preview Challenge” button to review your settings. Once created, your challenge is open for anyone in the community to accept.
How do I accept an Open Challenge? To accept an Open Challenge, go to the “Kombat Challenges” page and click on the game title you would like to play and see if there are any available challenges to accept.
How do I create a Specific Player Challenge? To create a Specific Player Challenge, go into your account profile under the Create Challenge tab, select Individual Challenge or Clan Challenge, then select “Specific Challenge”. You may select one of your friend’s profiles or search the community database for a player to send the challenge too. Select the game and console you would like to play, then input the amount for the entry fee with $0 being free play. Select a date and time, input the description and rules of the game for your opponent to agree to. Hit the Preview Challenge button to review your settings. Once created, you just have to wait for that player to accept or reject the challenge.
How do I accept a Challenge invitation? To accept a challenge invitation that has been sent to you by another player, just click accept.
What happens if my opponent and I end a game in a tie/draw? Payout can only occur when a clear victor has been decided. In the event of a tied game, we encourage you to keep playing against your opponent until there is a winner.
Can I customize my game? Yes. When creating a challenge, you can make your own rules for that specific challenge. For example, if you want to ban the use of a certain characters or weapons for the challenge, write it in the custom rules text box.
Do I need to check in before playing a scheduled challenge?? Yes, check in is mandatory for challenges and tournaments. To check in for a scheduled challenge, log into and click on the “MY BATTLE” tab to check in prior to the start time of the challenge. Players who do not check in will be disqualified.
Do I have to wait exactly for the scheduled start time to begin my match? No, once you have been notified that all players have checked in, you are welcome to communicate and arrange with your opponent to start the match if all parties are in agreement.
How far in advance can I schedule a challenge? Challenges can be created up to any time within the year but we highly recommend to set the time limit no more then 1 week prior to the scheduled start time. This ensures that the challenge listings will not be forgotten by both the players that are involved.
When do I get my payout? All head-to-head and clan vs clan challenge prizes and money are deposited into your player’s account immediately after results have been verified by all players.
Head-to-Head Gameplay
What is head-to-head challenge? Head-to-head play allows you to challenge an opponent to a one-on-one challenge. All titles currently support free-to-enter and pay-to-enter head-to-head play. Access head-to-head play in your account profile, and click the Create Challenge tab.
How do I find a head-to-head challenge? There are two types of head-to-head challenges. 1) Open challenges: these challenges are created by a player and open to any members to accept. These challenges are posted on Kombat Challenges page. 2) Specific challenges: these challenges are created by a player and sent out to a specific member to accept.
How does head-to-head challenge work? Upon activation of any head-to-head challenge, both players will receive a notification and asked to check in before they can start the match. Direct messaging between players can be accessed by clicking on their avatar. Game console ID will be revealed to both parties once head-to-head challenge is accepted. The player that creates the head-to-head challenge ticket is responsible to create lobby and choose map on their own game console, and provide the necessary information to their opponent to join the game. Both players must play according to the custom rules stated on the challenge ticket. Both players must submit their game results within the predetermined timeline following completion of head-to-head challenge.
Clan vs. Clan Gameplay
What is Clan vs Clan Challenge? Clan vs Clan play allows you to challenge an opposing team. We suggest to only use the multi-player game titles for clan challenges.
Where do I find a Clan vs Clan Challenge? Open clan vs clan challenges can be accessed through to the “Kombat Challenges” tab. You will be notified of invitations to specific clan challenges via (email), and through a pop up screen.
How does Clan vs Clan Challenge work? Clan challenge can only be created and accepted by clan leaders. The player who creates Clan challenge event will be responsible to create lobby and choose map on their own console for that challenge and provide the necessary information for the opposing clan to join. Once a Clan vs Clan challenge has been accepted by a leader of a clan, an invitation notification will be sent out to all members of that clan who wishes to participate in that event can join by clicking on the “Check-In button” on the invitation. The number of allowable participants for each challenge will depend on the game selected and maximum player count. Clan members can join until it reaches the maximum player count. When all the clan members from both side have checked-in, a notification will be sent out to both clan leaders to start the Clan challenge. Game console ID will be revealed to each other when the Clan vs Clan match is accepted. Leaders of the clan are responsible for submiting their game results on behalf of the team.
What are the different types of tournaments? There are three types:
1) Free entry tournaments – these are exactly as they sound, they are tournaments you enter free to win cash prizes.
2) Bracket tournaments – in these types of tournaments, you need to beat your current matchups to advance to the next round. In each round, players are cut in half until only one winner remains The structure and payout of these tournaments are announced during sign up.
3) Team bracket tournaments – for multiplayer gameplay. The winning team continues to advance to another bracket until one team remains. All team members will need to check into each round, and report match results.
Where do I find a Clan vs Clan Challenge? Open clan vs clan challenges can be accessed through to the “Kombat Challenges” tab. You will be notified of invitations to specific clan challenges via (email), and through a pop up screen.
How do i sign up for clan tournament? (Example: 8 Teams, 5v5 Tournament) You must first form a clan with the appropriate number of team members (e.g. for 5 vs. 5 tournament you need a team of 5 to join). The person creating the team is the Clan leader – only the Clan leader is able to sign up for team tournaments. Once all team spots are filled (e.g.8 teams in this scenerio), all clan members will receive an invitation to the challenge. We encourage Clan leaders to follow up with their clan members to ensure everyone has received this invitation
What happens if an opponent doesn't show up in a tournament? If your opponent does not show up for a tournament, they are deemed to forfeit their position, and you win by default.
When do I get my Payout? Tournaments are usually paid out to the players account within same day after all results have been verified.
High Score Table
What is a leaderboard? KombatLink uses the Leaderboard to allow our players to know where they rank within our community. The experience points of all players will determine their rankings..
How do I advance in the leaderboard? The Leaderboard takes into account how many challenges you completed, as well as your win-loss rate from those challenges. Each challenge gives you experience points, with more points awarded for victories. The more you play and more you win, the higher you will advance in level of experience within the community.
Getting Disconnected
What if my opponent disconnects? There are various outcomes for disconnected challenges. A "Loser Disconnect" occurs when a player disconnects from a challenge while losing, resulting in an automatic loss. A "Winner Disconnect" happens when a player disconnects from a challenge while winning, resulting in a replay from the point of disconnect. A "Tied Challenge Disconnect" will occur when a player disconnects while the challenge is tied, players involved in that match will be required to play again until a winner prevails.
Reporting Challenge Results
Why do we need to Self-Report the game results? The challenges are played from your own console in the comfort of your home. Kombatlink will not know when the match is over and who won. In the case of a dispute, it is important that players report the game results with evidence after the match is over, so we can pay the rightful winner.
How do I submit game results and evidence? Game results can be submitted through a number of different methods. When a challenge reaches the scheduled start time, a pop-up window will appear on each of the players screen and players are able to submit their game results whenever they are ready to do so. If the pop-up window is not available, the players can go into their “My Battle” page after their match is over and a “Submit Result” button will be available on the same area as their challenge ticket number. Another way to submit results is to click on “Play Schedule” which is also in the same section as the challenge ticket number. In cases of disputes, please ensure that you have proof that you won the match by attaching a screen shot in jpeg format showing the important details of the match (e.g. game scores and names of both players or attached video link for the game play).
What happens if I forget to submit my game results? All participants who are enrolled and have completed a match for a challenge or tournament are required to submit their game results within the predetermined time frame following each round. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Players can check the game result submission timeline for their upcoming matches by clicking “Play Schedule” in their “My Battles” page.
What is a dispute? A dispute automatically occurs when both you and your opponent report a win for the same challenge.Once your challenge is in the dispute state, our support team will investigate the dispute and award the win accordingly.
How do I submit a dispute against the winner? If you think your opponent did not play by the custom rules according to the Challenge Ticket, when the times comes to submit your game results after the match is over, submit yourself as the winner and attached the proof with the submission. when both of the players submits a Win, a dispute will be created and Kombatlink will be notify of this and our staff will review the evidence and decide who the winner will be. Kombatlink’s decision will be final.
Can I cancel a challenge/tournament I have signed up for? To respect the time others have set aside for game play, cancellations are not permitted. It is the players responsibility to make sure you will be able to play before committing to the challenge or tournament.
What happens if I report a win but my opponent does not report any results at all? Every game has a predetermined timeline that allows the players to submit their game results after each round. If you report a win and your opponent does not report their result, you will automatically receive the win once the game submission timeline has expired.
I won a challenge, but it isn't appearing on my record. What should I do? Please upload your evidence and send in a ticket to A customer support representative will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
Withdrawing Funds
How do I withdraw my funds from my account? Issued cheque will be made payable to the name you have on file, and mailed out to the address registered to your players account. Please make sure all your information on your account is correct, and up to date. A request for withdrawal takes approximately 24-48 hours to process. Payments may take an average of between 7-14 business days to arrive.
Why do I need to have my Identity verify? All players that are 18 years of age and older will be required to fill out an Identity verification form in order to request for a withdrawal of funds from their players account. This helps Kombatlink prevent fraudulent activity and keep your account safe.
What is the Marketplace? The Marketplace is the area of the KombatLink website where users can buy and sell the consoles, games and merchandise they legally own.
Who can use the Marketplace? All registered members can access the Marketplace.
How do I start selling? Go to homepage and click on the “Buy/Sell” tab. Select sell and fill out all the required details.
Which payment method should I use to pay for the item? We suggest paying for the item through PayPal to take advantage of Paypal’s Purchase Protection program to minimize your risk. To do this simply log into your PayPal account. (Note: please see PayPal Purchase Protect program in their website to see if the sales item qualify).
How can Sellers protect themselves when selling? We suggest the seller to send a request for money to the buyers email through PayPal, to benefit from their Seller Protection Program to minimize risk. To do this simply log into your PayPal account. (Note: please see Paypal Purchase Protect program in their website to see if the sales item qualify)