How to Create a Challenge

Kombat Challenges: Play Your Favorite Online Multiplayer Games Against Your Friends and Rivals
KombatLink makes finding your next online opponent a breeze. All you need is a player account and one of the games we support. Kombat Challenges let you play for fun or create a winner-takes-all pot for your next match. Play the way you want to by creating custom rules and settings for your challenge.
Play One-on-One or Battle It Out Multiplayer
Video Tutorial: Open Challenge
Video Tutorial: Open Challenge
Walkthrough: Open Challenge
Walkthrough: Specific Challenge
Compete against specific users or clans by selecting your friends or using the Directory Search. For clan challenges: when a clan leader accepts a challenge from another clan or has enrolled into a clan tournament, all members of the clan will be invited to join by a system notification if and am email notification if they are offline. The amount of clan members who will be able to join will depend on the game and is based on first come first bases. Tournament will only initialize if the both teams are fully checked in with the required number of players.
What’s the Difference between Tournaments and Kombat Challenges?
KombatLink Tournaments are official events organized by the KombatLink staff, and are open to all members of the site. Kombat Challenges are private matches between members or clans that can be played for free or for a cash pot that goes to the winning party.

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