How to Sell Video Game Items on KombatLink
List your item

When writing your descriptions, Include all of the information that your buyer needs to make an informed decision. When selling on-line it is important that you include:

  • Specify your desired selling price.
  • Select the duration for sale listing.
  • Lots of clear photos, rotated if needed.
  • Photos on top so it's the first thing the bidder sees.
  • A neutral background.
  • Content and Care information.
  • An accurate description.
  • Any flaws
  • Measurements
  • List the type of payments you will accept. (we suggest sellers request payment from the purchaser through their own PayPal account to take advantage of the Seller protection program that PayPal offers)
  • Shipping and handling charges
  • Use your spell checker!
  • Don't expect buyers to contact you for information.
Terms of Sale

Your buyers must feel comfortable and feel confidence that you are a honest and friendly seller. Keep your terms friendly.

  • A clear return policy.

If the item does not have packing, create your own packing to protect the item from getting damage during delivery.

  • Use a box and stuff it with tissue or news paper.
  • Ship the item ASAP...they bought it...they want it!
Ask Seller A Question

When you receive a question, answer it as soon as you can. Some buyers ask a question just to see if they'll get a response. Don’t answer with a two word reply, instead answer with a complete sentence like; "Hi. I can offer shipping to Canada for a flat rate of 3.00 or Shipping to Canada is free. Thank you for your interest." Otherwise, it makes the buyer feel insignificant and just may lose you a buyer

Choose Your Shipping Method

Successful shipping starts with careful planning. Check with the shipping company website for rates for local and international, have an idea what it will cost you to ship and if you can absorb the cost, buyers love free shipping

International Shipping

Selling is a lot of work. If it's your desire to be a successful seller, getting your item sold. Don't just sell local offer International shipping and increase your chances of selling your item. International buyers do a lot of shopping online and there might be that one buyer that is looking for that item you are selling, why miss out that opportunity.

Some shipping companies like USPS has free boxes for Domestic and International. You can use flat-rate envelopes for small items. Priority International for larger items, or you can use your own box with First-class International. All information and rates are available on the shipping companies web-site. You can purchase economical boxes on-line at U-line.

Ship It To Your Buyer

Confirm that you've received payment Once your item has sold, and you have been notified that the buyer has paid, pack your item and ship it. Be sure to leave positive feedback for your buyer as soon as payment is confirmed. This will help you gain repeat buyers and a reputation that will build trust in potential customers in the future. Send the item to your buyer

After The Sale

All buyers like to be told that they're appreciated. I immediately send them a "Thank You" e-mail with the shipping information. It takes very little time, and they very much appreciate it.

Get Paid Fast
  • Collect payments through your payment processor.
Taking Care Of Business

In the unfortunate event that something goes wrong after the sale. Communicate with them and let them know that you are there to help resolve the problem. Don't jump to conclusions. Give the buyer the benefit of the doubt.


Feedback is optional. You can't make a buyer leave feedback. As a seller, you will have buyers that just don't leave feedback for whatever reason. You can leave feedback as soon as the buyer has paid. Feedback is still important. It weeds out the scam sellers and makes it a safer place for the buyers. As a seller, it puts greater emphasis on doing your best, which we should all be doing anyway. There is no way to cover your back against wacko buyers which have an itchy trigger finger on the neg button, but again, don't sweat the small stuff. Don't take it personal.


KombatLink reserves the right to terminate the accounts of the sellers who misrepresent their items