16 Players Single Elimination   (#T96670)

  • Tournament Date 2/22/2020
  • Start Time 2/22/2020 at 7:00:00 PM EST
  • Finish Time 2/22/2020 at 10:00:00 PM EST
  • Total Prize $72.00
  • Sign Up Deadline 2/22/2020 at 7:00:00 PM EST
  • Signed Up 0 Players
  • Seats Left 16 left
  • Winner$56.00
  • Runnner$8.00
  • 3rd, 4th$4.00 (Each Player)
  • MATCH TYPE: 1 VS 1

Please use kombatLink Discord for general questions and tournament support.   


Online Tournament


A host will be randomly selected by our tournament system, the host will then be responsible to create the custom game and set up lobby.


Contact your opponent before the match starts.


The host will add opponent as friend using their (EPIC Display Name) and invite to a party and search for a duos game.


All players participating in the tournament will be required to check into each round of the tournament that they are playing in. (e.g. for a tournament with 7 rounds, there will be 7 check-ins required). PLEASE NOTE: DEADLINE FOR CHECK-IN IS 10 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE OFFICIAL START TIME OF THE TOURNAMENT AND EACH ROUND.  Players may check in at any time before the deadline.  Players who fail to check in before deadline will automatically be disqualified from tournament. You may check in anytime by going to your (MY BATTLES) page.



Players are required to submit game results after each match.  The timeline to submit results will be predetermined before each tournament and will be details of the match will be posted in your (MY BATTLES) page under (Play schedule) Failure to submit your game results by the preset deadline will result in disqualification. Players can submit their game results in their (MY BATTLES) page. We encourage good sportsmanship and ask that all players submit their game results regardless of whether they win or lose this will help keep the tournament running smoothly.


We recommend that evidence is taken with the console's built in recording system. The winner should take a video or screenshots of each game results in case evidence is needed for a dispute. All evidence should be clearly visible and contain the game score, all players on both teams, and a time stamped.  Submission with multiple images and/or links should be compiled

and submitted as one file.



If you have already checked-in and still unable to get in contact with your opponent 15 minutes after the official start time of your match, simply go and submit your results and claim the match as a win.



False evidence submitted by players may result in immediate account suspension and penalty fees. (1st offence = 30 days/$25, 2nd offence = 60 days/$50, 3rd offence = ban/$100)



Loser Disconnect: occurs when a losing player disconnects from a challenge. This results in an automatic loss for disconnected player.


Winner Disconnect: occurs when a winning player is disconnected from a challenge.  Players are required to start a new game and add to previous number of kills achieved prior to being disconnected. *Previous number of kills can be obtained through replay.  For submission of evidence, players must screen shot number of kills in replay and submit with final results.  Winner will be player with highest accumulated kills by end of match.


For example: Prior to being disconnected, player A had 10 kills and player B had 3 kills.  When game was restarted, player A achieves 5 more kills and player B scores 7 kills.  In total player A will have 15 kills and player B 10 kills, making player A the winner.

Maximum one disconnect per winner permitted.


Tied Challenge Disconnect: occurs when one of the player disconnects while the challenge is tied. Players involved in that match will be required to play again until a winner prevails.  Maximum of one disconnect per player permitted.


The winner will be determined by the player with the largest number of kills. If there is a tie, the last player to be killed is the winner of the match.

Note: Players that are downed are NOT considered standing. 



Players are permitted to work together, however, you may not intentionally cause the death of your opponent or negatively impact your opponents gameplay. This includes intentional friendly fire, causing fall damage, or any other negative interference in your opponents gameplay. Doing so will result in a forfeit of the map.

Code Of Conduct:

All players are expected to maintain respect for one another and for all Tournament staff. Any player behaving inappropriately, or not competing in compliance with these Official Rules, may be immediately disqualified from a Tournament and forfeit all potential prizes. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, the following:


·         Swearing, screaming or threats

·         Harassment

·         Violence

·         Collusion

·         Cheating of any sort through any means

·         Intentionally delaying or slowing gameplay

·         Intentionally disconnecting network cables

·         Intentionally interrupting network connectivity

·         Abusing in-game mechanics

·         Any other known or unknown manner of tampering with gameplay



Claiming prize maybe subject to ID verification.