KombatLink Online Multiplayer Tournaments
You’ve honed your skills against your friends and online foes. Now you’re ready to show the world what you’ve got. Think you have what it takes to command complete victory in a KombatLink tournament?

KombatLink free-roll and fee entry tournaments are for member-only events where players can compete in their favorite online multiplayer games to win cash and earn loyalty points that can be traded for cool gaming swag from the KombatLink store.
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What’s the Difference between Tournaments and Kombat Challenges?
KombatLink Tournaments are official events organized by the KombatLink staff, and are open to all members of the site. Kombat Challenges are matches organized by the user that can be played for free or for a cash pot that goes to the winning party. Both Kombatlink Tournaments and Kombat Challenges game play are the same, where the player will need to use their own consoles and games to play.
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